Response # 12: The Next Campaign 2012

When you think about the 2008 Presidential Election, you cant help but to wonder what would have happened if John McCain had run a more internet-based campaign the way President Obama did.

Could the outcome have been different?

If John McCain had an interactive website, grass roots organizing, video messages and email contests, would the new generation of voters have felt more comfortable and familiar with him?

Lets face it, Barack Obama was never expected to be where he is today. His success is the direct result of a phenomenal PR campaign put on by his advisors, and I was in awe of the brilliance behind his campaign strategy.

But next time, what President Obama did in 2008 will be business as usual. As Garrett Graff explains in his book, The First Campaign, political campaigns will have to adapt to the digital and internet driven era that we now live in. We got a glimpse of this with Barack Obama’s campaign, and it will be interesting to see how others respond to this challenge in the coming years.

As we’ve discussed numerous times before, we are living in the era of accessibility. The internet is a challenge for politicians becaue,  thanks to sites such as Google and YouTube, I can at any moment recapture a gaffe or awkward moment that may have plagued a politicians campaign.

The whole Jeremiah Wright scandal during the Democratic primaries would have never gotten as big as it did if it werent for the accessibility of video and viral online communication.

This speaks to what is to come in 2012. Candidates will have to be sharper and more prepared than ever to deal with the fact that anything they do or say can now be found and edited and replayed over and over again, packaged in an email and sent to millions of people worldwide.

This is sure to present a challenge for future political candidates, especially Republicans who have been slow to adapt to the Web 2.0 era.

President Obama’s campaign set the precedent for what’s to come, and I look forward to seeing how conservatives rise to meet the new challenge of political campaigns in the digital era.


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Response to Capitol Moxie’s “The Cult of Beauty”

I had some issues with the sound on this one…but you get the point!

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Response to MW Weekly blog: “Twitter breaking up a happy home”

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Response to Sassing Me’s Blog on Domestic Violence

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Response #11: America’s Obsession with War

As the old song goes…”War…..what is it good for?”  Well, to some people…apparently a whole lot.

The War an Iraq has introduced a new phenomenon of military blogging to our country. Many people often say that the media played a huge role in rallying citizens against the Vietnam war by showing the images of what was really going on there. Of course, blogging didnt exist back then, and many argue that the media didnt even begin to capture the true horrors of the Vietnam War.

I cant help but wonder what kind of security implications this level of military open-ness may have. I mean…how is the military preventing soldiers from releasing confidential information or strategy?

Also, after the whole Gitmo controversy, how might this change public perception of our military? As one blogger wrote

“The remarkable degree of trust and love that Americans have for their military comes from a true faith that the military defends the nation, and will not be used to divide her.  That trust is a rare and special thing in human history.”

Indeed, Americans love their military. We hold them in the highest regard and honor their committment to our country. But what happens when someone catches a soldier on tape killing a civilian? What happens when Americans get a play-by-play of the Art of War without understanding the WHY behind what is happening?

This, to me, is the biggest issue with War 2.0. There is a reason that somethings in the government are kept secret. I’m sure there is a LOT that I dont know about what really happened in American history. And its probably for the best.

People want to believe that America is a perfect country. That we’ve always done the right thing for the right reasons. I fear that the more we know, the sooner our honeymoon with America will end. Web 2.0 gives us access to information that, in some cases, we probably dont need to know. I certainly didnt need to see the hanging of Saddam Hussein a few years back, or the countless beheadings of American citizens in Iraq during the beginning years of the war.

What exactly was that good for? In my eyes….absolutely nothing.

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Response #10: Amber+Aruba=Blogging

Global Voices Online is a site that captures all of the blogs from around the world in one place. I checked out the site last week and decided to explore the blogosphere in Aruba.

Dont ask why. For some reason I didnt really expect a carribean country to have active blogging. Turns out, I was right and wrong.

There were about 21 pages of blog postings from Aruba..most of them were from 2006 and 2007. In fact, the most recent posting was from March 11, 2009. I’m not really sure why there’s been a month-long hiatus from the bolggers in Aruba…

I wasnt particularly interested in any of the postings I saw. Most of them talked about things specific to the carribean…such as festivals, history, the singles market, etc. I noticed there wasnt a great deal of coverage about current events or other things happening around the you typically see on American blogs.

Additionally, majority of the blogs came from a single source…which leads me to believe that my intial assumption was right. Perhaps there isnt a huge blogosphere in Aruba.

I also find it interesting that there are such huge gaps in postings. Like I said, there seemed to be a good number of postings in 2006…but only a few in 2007 and only 1 in 2008. What is that about?

All in all…this was a rather dull experience for me. I guess if I had picked a cooler country I’d have a little more to share.

I guess I should stick to the beaches and sun the next time I decide to explore Aruba.

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Sexting: Hormones or Crime?

So, I was reading an article on CNN today…check it out here.

Apparently teenagers all over the country are being prosecuted for text sexing.. or as this article calls it “sexting.” In other words, if you send a nude photo of yourself to your boyfriend and youre under the age of 18, you’re committing child pornography. If you’re the boyfriend and you’re over the age of 18 (or not?) and you send that information to anybody… you are committing child pornography.

Are these people foreal??

You will find me on the registered sex offender list next to people who have raped children, molested kids, things like that, because I sent child pornography,” says Alpert in disbelief, explaining, “You think child pornography, you think 6-year-old, 3-year-old little kids who can’t think for themselves, who are taken advantage of. That really wasn’t the case.”

I couldnt agree more! I really cant believe that the authorities are willing to ruin a teenager’s life over something like this. But, then again…teenaged boys 18 or older can still be prosecuted in some states for statuatory rape if they date a 17 year old…so I really shouldnt be that surprised. I’ve always thought that was equally rediculous.

It seems to me that everyone is missing the point. We should really be asking ourselves why our 15 and 16 year old youth think its OK to snap nude photos of themselves and send them to boys in the first place?! Can we say parental advisory? Clearly we are letting parent’s off the hook here and instead, punishing teenagers for something trivial. Parents need to wake up and start taking responsibility for their FAILURES as parents!

On another note…the authorities need to wake up and learn to understand this generation of youth. Technology is here to stay and so is text sex. Deal with it.

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Response #9: Wikipedia For Dummies


Last week, I had the extreme pleasure (sarcasm) of editing a Wikipedia page for the first time. I’m not gonna lie…I really couldnt dream of anything I cared enough about to edit on Wikipedia (except, of course, myself) so it took me a while to get excited about this project. Ok…I’m lying…I never exactly got excited about this project…however i DID to my due diligence to learn all about Wikiland. I read the tutorial and figured out what it would take to not get my page snatched down..

I finally decided to edit my organization’s page.  The National Association of Social Workers  is my current place of employment. We have struggled significantly with getting a substantive Wikipedia entry, as every time we’ve posted our information to wikipedia it has been taken down. Alas…what a wonderful undertaking for me to explore for my Wikipedia report. 

With the help of my wonderful colleague, I gathered all of the necessary information to make a dynamite entry on Wikipedia. After reading the existing entry and the information I had discovered during my research, I decided that I would add a section about National Professional Social Work Month. Check it out here. Considering the fact that Social Work Month has been my life’s purpose since October of last year, I thought this would be easy. BOY WAS I WRONG!.

Thanks to which ever genius that came up with Wikipedia code…it took me like an hour to update an entry about something that should’ve only taken 15 minutes. I spent about 45 minutes of my time trying to figure out how to link properly to the pages I was referencing. I’m still not convinced that I got it right…but at this point..I’m SO over it! 

I think the technicality, time and consideration that it takes for a person to participate in Wiki-world completely takes away from the purpose of user generated media. As I stated earlier, there is really NOTHING in the world that I care enough about to spend the kind of time and energy it takes to make a valuable contribution to Wikipedia. If I could simply just edit the page with whatever I wanted and go on with my life…sure..I’d do it again. But after my experience last week…no thanks! 

I’ll stick to other annoyingly complicated sites…such as the new facebook. *eye roll*

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Response # 8: Is Twitter getting too big, too soon?

So…I hate to admit it, but I too, have caught the twitter bug! Apparently I’m not the only one, check out this article that was posted on CNN last week.

Ironically, the same reason some of the early twitter adopters are now annoyed with Twitter is the reason I am starting to enjoy it–the increase in users.

Specifically, now that more of my friends are on it, I find myself checking twitter almost as often as I check facebook. Its fun to comment and reply to people’s posts.  When I was merely following CNN and Anderson Cooper…not so much fun.

I think a part of why Twitter is growing so fast is largely due to the multiple ways that one can use Twitter. We’re seeng executives at major organizations tweeting about their work days, like in this article, while at the same time, celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy and Shaquille O’Neal are using Twitter as well.

There’s something in it for everybody, and that is the beauty of social media.

It will be interesting to see how Twitter changes over the years, much like Facebook has strayed from its original model. Will Twitter run off its most loyal users by abandoning its initial promise to consumers, much like facebook has? My guess is–yes. But, by then, we’ll all probably be too addicted to stop.

So…tweet on! And while you’re at it…follow me. I’m @ Ambie321.

See you in Tweetland!

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The new “New” Facebook…

Is stupid.

Bottom line.

I cant begin to understand why Facebook gets a facelift every 6 months. As soon as I get used to the most recent changes, it changes again! Argh!!!

It appears that facebook has decided to take a page out of Twitter’s book and rearrange the homepage. I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of this switcheroo was.

Better organized? No.

Easier to navigate? Heck no.

More relevant information in the news feed? No!

To make matters worse, I had absolutely no idea that facebook was changing yet again. At least with the last drastic change, facebook gave us adequate warning to and an opportunity to preview the new site.  Not this time around. I found out the facebook was changing through my news feed.  Apparently some people were able to see the change before I was. Then, miraculously, I logged into facebook one afternoon and it looked totally different.

No warning, no explanation. Nothing.

Yet…as annoyed as I am with the new new facebook, I’m still on it faithfully, several times per day. I imagine I will adjust to these changes eventually, but I’m not sure how much more I can take. The series of changes over the past 4 years that I’ve been on facebook have not improved the site, in my eyes, instead, it has made it worse.

Facebook’s First Offense:

If i wanted to be online with 70 year-olds and 12 year-olds…I’d get on myspace.

The appeal of Facebook for me was that I could interact with my PEERs. Yes, people like me. College educated….driven…people with jobs. Did I want my 50 year old Aunt or my 10 year old cousin friending me on facebook? NO!

But now that facebook is a free for all,  they get to see all my snazzy photos, track my every thought and read every posting on my wall.

Facebook’s Second Offense:

Insert super intrusive newsfeed in 2007. This required me to totally change my privacy settings so that nothing…and I mean NOTHING i do on facebook would be published. I didnt need the world to know who I friended yesterday, if I was no longer single or what I wrote on my friend’s facebook wall. It was like nosy people heaven! Sooo not why I’m on facebook.

Facebook’s Third Offense:

We all remember the whole TOS fiasco three weeks ago. I totally didnt care, but it ticked enough people off to evoke an apology from Mark Z. and the whole Facebook crew.

Facebook’s Fourth and Final Offense (so far)

This jumbled rediculous mess of a site that is facebook today.

I’m really close to my wits end with this site. I certainly hope they’ll leave it be before they completely drive and others who share my frustration from the site.


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